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Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Wed Oct 16 17:23:04 UTC 2013

And yet, we just consensed on this lovely anti-harassment policy.  It'd 
be nice if we actually followed it.  Because what is meant by the 
speaker or doer, is not always what is heard or felt by others.

And now you have a good reason to correct others when they call things 
"gay" pejoratively.  If as you say ignorance is suffering, and you help 
relieve some ignorance, are you not relieving some suffering?


On 10/16/13 10:16 AM, Nicholas LoCicero wrote:
> I dont think johnny meant anything by it. Youre judging his words
> without hearing his subtext. Yes, I get upset when people say 'thats
> gay' because Im queer spawn, but i have never corrected anyone on it
> because I knew they werent really serious, just ignorant and ignorance
> is suffering, so reacting to ignorance is reacting tp suffering.
> On Oct 16, 2013 10:07 AM, "Jeffrey Carl Faden" <jeffreyatw at gmail.com
> <mailto:jeffreyatw at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     "Sexual language and imagery should be only be used for positive
>     purposes in accordance with best practices advocated by professional
>     sex educators (if you’re not sure what those are, don’t do it)."
>     https://github.com/noisebridge/anti-harassment
>     Jeffrey
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