[Noisebridge-discuss] Private Address Forwarding proposal to USPS

Sai noisebridge at saizai.com
Thu Oct 17 01:48:20 UTC 2013


I've proposed the USPS adopt Private Address Forwarding, and the USPS'
comments are in.

tl;dr proposal: Google Voice for postal mail. The USPS assigns you a
unique ID, you tell them where to forward that ID, and they can't
disclose who it belongs to or where it goes without court process or
your permission. You could get mail that's just addressed to "PAF
13JS-00EG-C, United States", and it'd automagically get routed to you.
You can also choose to give UPS, FedEx, etc permission to access the
forwarding info if you want.

tl;dr benefits: Getting mail while preserving your privacy; never
having to update your address w/ everyone when you move (just w/ the
USPS); cheaper & easier than PO boxes.

Take a look & tell them (and me) what you think. :-)

- Sai

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