[Noisebridge-discuss] not calling police (was: thursdaaaaaay)

Jake jake at spaz.org
Mon Oct 21 22:04:13 UTC 2013

I spoke with Monad for a while about calling the police on Pigeon the 
other night, and tried to impress on him the importance of keeping The 
Police calling as an absolute last resort.

(I wasn't there thursday night)

I told him about the 311 phone call system that used to be in place, where 
Noisebridgers who lived nearby would make themselves available to be woken 
up to come to the space and handle situations that needed immediate 
mediation (or at least talk someone down over the phone)

Apparently there were not enough people at Noisebridge at the time who 
were actively backing up Monad's insistence that Pigeon leave.  I find 
this unexcellent, because everyone should take responsibility to solve 
problems like this when they come up.

If people agreed with Monad that Pigeon should leave, they should have 
stood shoulder to shoulder with Monad staring down Pigeon (nothing further 
than that is required) Or, if they disagreed that Pigeon should leave, 
they should have mediated the conflict right then and there.

According to Monad, apparently people decided they didn't care, and they 
sat back down and ignored the situation and then the police were called. 
And while Dana and Rayc showed up to help, and Daravinne was there, 
somehow this wasn't enough to solve the problem a different way.

We should all learn what we can from this thing that happened, and I think 
we should remember that when conflict is happening in the space, we should 
step up to help solve it before something drastic happens.

Also it sounds like Pigeon is an asshole and Monad was just trying to do 
what he thought was right for Noisebridge, in context of the problem he 
faced and the support he had on his side.


bfb wrote:

Hmm, I was at a Noisebridge benefit with Monad until around 23:00 that 

Daravinne, did Pigeon's behavior warrant a call to the police? Did they
threaten the safety of themselves or others at Noisebridge? It sounds to
me that Monad overreacted. It should not become common place to request
police assistance at Nosiebridge. -Kevin

daravinne wrote:

> coffee roasting workshop and 3d printer group earlier in the evening.
>  everything was basically quiet and normal til about 11ish when pigeon 
> was asked to leave by monad.  pigeon refused to leave, whereupon monad 
> called the police.  then there were police in the space for a few 
> minutes, and then rayc and dana showed up.  pigeon did leave of his own 
> accord and has been asked again not to return until a tuesday meeting. 
> i've asked monad to take pigeon's picture and put it on the 86 page with 
> a brief description of the problems and steps taken and current state, 
> etc.
> otherstuff:  i found a black duffel kinda bag with an orange towely 
> thing at the top, in the server room.  i have taken it out of the server 
> room and closed the server room door.  the bag is by the shelves by the 
> server room.
>  i also bought toilet paper because there was none left. the wired 
> network
> is in some state of unworking but wireless works fine.
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