[Noisebridge-discuss] amendments to membership proposal - associate members and 24/7 hours

Liz Henry lizhenry at gmail.com
Tue Oct 22 03:50:46 UTC 2013

Hmmm. What happens if all the members leave, for example in the evening?
Does that ever happen?

- Liz

On Mon, Oct 21, 2013 at 8:21 PM, Jake <jake at spaz.org> wrote:

> Kevin,
> My goal is to remove the event of 23:00 being "kick people out" time.
> Instead, my goal is to make every moment a time when people coming to
> noisebridge get a proper introduction, and a connection to a Member of
> noisebridge.  As long as that happens, people can be in the space any time.
>  They just need to have someone who is a Member in the space say that
> they're vouched for.
> Having people fill out a form does nothing by itself.  As the proposal,
> which passed, is worded, the application needs signatures of at least two
> Members of noisebridge in order for the applicant to be entitled to the
> space in the "after hours" without a live sponsor.
> If you are a member, you are welcome to personally vouch for anyone you
> see in the space.  When they are asked (for example by Monad) if they have
> a sponsor, they will mention you, and if you are present, Monad can talk to
> you if he has any concerns about them.  It is a simple solution.
> If you are not a member, perhaps it is because of the financial
> requirements of being a Member, and this week's proposal will help by
> creating Associate Members who can host guests (and sign applications)
> while not being required to make financial contributions.  You should
> become an Associate Member so you can help people feel welcome at
> Noisebridge.
> My hope is that by removing the special time period, we will embrace this
> new system of excellence at all times, so that the only time people will be
> asked to leave is if they are somehow detracting from the space and there
> is no Member present who wants to stick up for them.
> -jake
> Kevin wrote:
> I was on docent shift last night. I asked one fella I found drinking
> beer in the stairway to leave. Two folks filed membership applications
> (under the "vouched for" section of the binder), and remained at
> Noisebridge after 23:00. I recognized both people as having been coming
> to NB for several months, and neither had heard of the new policy. All
> told, when I left there were three or four active hackers in the space.
> On the way out, Monad commented that one day Noisebridge will be
> welcoming to activists again. Thinking of Cypherpunks, open-source
> hackers/contributers, freedom on the web, freedom of information, etc...
> This resonated with me, and I will consider further the impact of
> proposals such as this in these terms. Will limiting access to NB
> attract activists? Will the proposal reduce disruption, disturbance,
> theft to facilitate hacking? Are there better ways for NB to be more
> welcoming?
> At the meeting where this proposal was consensed, John and I both
> strongly stood aside. As such, I have been steering many to file
> sponsorship paperwork to avoid being asked to leave. One person I've
> spoken with is adverse to filing any paperwork at all, and has not been
> at NB form 23:00-10:00. As regards the bug last night, that's my failure
> for not introducing myself and the membership binder to everyone that
> came in the door. I'm not convinced that extending the outage time will
> bring more excellent hackers to NB.
> --Kevin
> On 10/21/2013 05:26 PM, John Ellis wrote:
>> HI Jake,
>> I didn't think this original proposal was a good idea. Problems like
>> you mention below, with genuine hackers being asked to leave, are
>> bound to happen at various times.
>> On Mon, Oct 21, 2013 at 4:08 PM, Jake <jake at spaz.org
>> <mailto:jake at spaz.org>> wrote:
>>     tl;dr at the end of this post is the amended consensus item for
>>     this week
>>     I just found out that an excellen
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