[Noisebridge-discuss] Theremin Workshop 6pm Tonite, Tuesday 10/22

johnyradio johnyradio at gmail.com
Tue Oct 22 19:10:28 UTC 2013

6pm to 8pm tonite, at noisebridge, Tuesday, at Noisebridge, 2169 Mission 
Street, SF.

Some electronics experience needed.

We have two theremin builders participating so far.

We're going to start with the antenna circuit.


perfboard layout and parts list:
(the 'proximity sensor' only, not 'wah')

If you're joining us, bring two weird, mysterious, bizarre, or fun 
METALLIC objects that you can use as your antennas (the parts you wave 
your hands over to play the instrument). Should be no more than about 10 
inches in any direction, no less than 5 inches.

Please bring $5 for parts.


Johny Radio

Stick It In Your Ear!

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