[Noisebridge-discuss] Noisebridge Hoodies

Dan Cote terminationshok at gmail.com
Fri Oct 25 01:53:05 UTC 2013

I want a Noisebridge Hoodie! My housemate has a printing biz, so we're
gonna order a bunch. If you want one, go here http://noisebridge.tictail.com.
We're asking $39.99 and Noisebridge will get at least $10 per order. Please
add a message on the checkout page, and specify a size for each hoodie. Be
aware that we are batching this order, and it could take up to a month to
arrive. It will be shipped to the address you specify.

You can pay in bitcoin too, just send an email to me. Also, let me know if
you want a custom design, like if you want a drama llama or a nyan-prism
screen printed on your sleeve or whatever. Custom designs will cost extra.

A little while after they ship, we are gonna hack them. Bring your own
hoodies and electronics if you want. Let me know if you are gonna want
arduinos, accelerometers, batteries, blinky lights, built in headphones, or
something even cooler.
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