[Noisebridge-discuss] OOTSIDEBOX project: Touchless & gesture control /Open source/Open HW/Arduino => coming soon at NOISEBRIDGE

Jean Noel jnl.ootsidebox at gmail.com
Fri Oct 25 09:42:18 UTC 2013

Hi There,

I'm Jean Noël, I'm Self-taught electronician, inventor and "techno-dreamer"
I'm setting up an event at NOISEBRIDGE where I'll present my current 

It's a *"Touchless & gesture control" techno* which will be *open to 
hack for everybody*, see the demo here: http://youtu.be/V67WuFBAX4A
It doesn't use no camera, but E-fields analysis instead.

_There are 7 key concepts underlaying the design_

*Open source, open HardWare:*
     The electronics schematics and the source code will be delivred 
under Creative Commons licence (CC BY-NC-SA).
*3D Printer:*
     We will deliver the mechanical sketches (under Creative Commons 
Licence). And our design will be oriented in the way that you can use a 
3D Printer to make your own custom version.
     The software will be compatible with Arduino's IDE and the 
microcontroler will be an ATMEL.
     Our software is compatible with Android devices, we send the 3D 
input coordinates and gesture events on the USB OTG port.
     The product will be launched early 2014 on Kickstarter.
     A nice bunch of apps will be available: gaming, cooking and playing 
     For game developers, OOTSIDEBOX's input will be very easy to use 
due to the plug-in for UNITY 3D game engine.

*The event will take place on Sat november 23th at 2pm, CHURCH classroom,*
at the moment*I'm looking for some local support* (indeed I'm in France) 
for a better anticipation at the organization level.

Feel free to join and share this event,
if you plan to participate, it's a good idea to register on FB: 
Or send me an Email: jnl.ootsidebox at gmail.com

Enjoy your hacking days!

Best Regards

Jean Noël @ootsidebox

*Find out more about OOTSIDEBOX project:*

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