[Noisebridge-discuss] Positive Noisebridge experiences this week

Romy Ilano romy at snowyla.com
Tue Oct 29 04:49:05 UTC 2013

I had some positive experiences at Noisebridge this week

   - After clubbing I was let in as a guest. I had a long discussion on
   solving potential burn out for members and associate members in the
   community. I learned about the new night policy. I stood by the new
   keyboard and learned about major and minor chords. It was really nice
   knowing that I wasn't the only person who had suffered hackerspace burnout.
   - During the noisebridge orchestra jam Sunday evening I came early with
   my own hardware equipment which has been gathering dust in the back of my
   closet for the past few months. I sat next to people who were putting
   together the instruments I was happy to learn about audio electronics and
   audio engineering and take baby steps towards my own arduino and music
   hardware projects again.
   - I got started contributing to the noisebridge iPhone app which has a
   proposed ticketing system for helping repair things at Noisebridge. It was
   nice learning about all the code on github
   - I ran into a delegation of educators from Singapore who are interested
   in introducing more creative curriculums to high school students. They were
   very fascinated with the hardware and one of them, a physics teacher, set
   about on a project helping the Noisebridge orchestra.
   - I dropped in on the Front end web development class and explored
   Backbone.js. I have been meaning to get into Javascript for a while, but
   never found the time. It was really nice having someone hold my hand and
   walk me through and get familiar with the rhythm of getting into the code.
   - I ran into a French hackerspace couple who had brought bread and
   cheese from Paris. We drank some wine and there were Noisebridge members
   chatting with them about gentrification in San Francisco.
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