[Noisebridge-discuss] Girls Hack

Elizabeth Hubbard annie.nutt at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 29 17:29:50 UTC 2013

I think that's a great idea, Hilaire.  And, I'm willing to spend my own money to mass order some very loud whistles for the girls as predator deterrent and to show up and chaperone.  I don't mean to brag, but I'd be very surprised if there was anybody at Noisebridge who could neutralize a threat as efficiently as I could.  I don't want to scare anybody, so I won't go into details about what an awesome martial artist I am.  (Any other volunteers for chaperones?)

Also, Danny, why are you discouraging men from being feminists by saying that makes them creepy?  I am a die-hard feminist since birth, and I like Johnny Radio after a year of knowing him, because he's also very obviously a feminist.  I knew that even without him ever having mentioned to me that he was working to break the glass ceiling for young women.  (Either that or I should listen harder when he's talking.)

There are kids at Noisebridge often.  Saying that adolescent girls can't go there for their own safety is kind of like the whole burqa situation in the middle east, where women can't show their faces for fear that they would get raped.  (And rape still happens over there.)  Malala in Pakistan got shot in the face for going to school and encouraging other girls to go to school, and did she shut up?  No, because she's a bad-ass who believes in education for everybody and isn't even scared after being shot in the face.  I don't personally know Malala, but I am willing to bet 5 dollars that she would agree with me that adolescent girls should not be discriminated against when it comes to access to Noisebridge.

Also, stop bullying Johnny Radio, whoever all is doing it.  So he said something insensitive, whoopty doo.  He said it about a wiki page.  And he didn't even say he'd be the one doing it.  And if somebody posted pornography on your wikipedia page, what would you say about it?  Exactly what Johnny Radio was trying to warn about, that's what.  People can really mess up your website if it's a wiki page and someone doesn't catch it. And a lot of Noisebridgers have made some very insensitive comments about all sorts of things around me, and you don't see me trying to imply anything dark and cynical about them.  Johnny Radio is an excellent person, and our community shouldn't scare him away, the way it's done to so many other people.

One guy got kicked out because somebody thought he was homeless and staying there too often.  He wasn't homeless (not that that should matter), he was just hard-working and spent a lot of time at Noisebridge hacking.  His son was teaching my son physics, so I was sad to see them gone.  One guy was called all sorts of mean names over a stupid argument, and he also stopped showing up, and he was one of my friends.  And my project (which is under way) was disparaged and called not excellent and other people were told not to help with it, and the only people who wanted to help with it were smart enough to e-mail me about it, rather than swim through the negativity from comedy-nay-sayers on the forum.  That's sad.  By comparison, New York Times bestselling author called me hilarious, very professional and easy to work with, gave me 5 stars (out of 5, my current score)  and a $200 dollar bonus for screenwriting I did for her.  Everybody at the Writer's Digest Conference thought the show was a great idea, and liked the idea of recruiting actors from the homeless population (actually doing something about poverty).  So why the haterade?  Frankly, if you want Noisebridge to be successful like Hacker Dojo (where PinInterest was created), stop haterading all over new start-ups and kicking people out in territorial disputes.

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