[Noisebridge-discuss] Girls Hack

Elizabeth Hubbard annie.nutt at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 29 23:25:10 UTC 2013

Brink of Complexity, it is so awesome that you had such great educational opportunities where you grew up.  I'm frankly jealous.  My parents aren't to blame for me not knowing of any hackathons to go to as a child, and I don't go around perpetuating stereotypes.  I did a google search on tech opportunities for kids in my home town.  It came up with a bunch of job leads for (surprise!) adults.  One for San Francisco came up with tech camps.  Who'd have known that San Francisco is more technologically advanced than some rural town in Georgia?  Honestly, that part of Georgia is impoverished, so it makes sense that they would have less programs.

Maybe you shouldn't assume so much about people.  You honestly make a person sorry they volunteered to do something nice for some kids they don't know.  I don't see you volunteering to chaperone.

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