[Noisebridge-discuss] Becoming an Associate Member

jim jim at well.com
Wed Oct 30 19:08:26 UTC 2013

Perhaps members would be willing to wear 
something that identifies them as such, 
maybe a tin hat? 

On Wed, 2013-10-30 at 09:07 -0700, Jeffrey Carl Faden wrote:
> I'd like some clarification on where I stand with my classes at Noisebridge. According to the proposal, I will need to have an Associate Member or Member sponsor me while I am in the space, as well as all of my students. But of course, it might just be easier to become an Associate Member so I can vouch for students myself.
> (On the main page of the Noisebridge wiki, but not as part of the proposal, it's stated that all scheduled classes and events are always free and open to attend - but since that doesn't seem to have been consented upon, I'd like to do things the official way).
> So my question is... how can I tell who's a Member? I guess I start with asking a Docent (are Docents always Members or Associate Members?). Would you say that four Members are in the space at any given time?
> Do I have to wait four weeks (four meetings) for my application to go through? I'm aware that Associate Membership doesn't require consensus, but I don't know if the waiting period still applies.
> If I can make an assumption, I'm sure it will be no problem for me to remain welcome at the space as all I do is come and teach. But I'd like to go by the rules - it'll help me find out if this new system is actually enforceable and realistic.
> Jeffrey
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