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You seem to be conflating your edge case with the general case using no
evidence other than your own experience.  I fail to see an absolutist claim
in the statement "We didn't have these sorts of opportunities for women
when I was growing up." Did she say "No women of my generation had these
opportunities?" or "All women were discouraged from tech fields?" No, it
was a simple statement about her experiences growing up that you falsely
labeled an absolutist statement. The fact that you take that statement as a
personal affront and an attack on women (by a woman no less) speaks volumes
about your interpretation of her words but nothing about her intention.

It's easy to "defeat" any argument by saying an edge case disproves an
entire premise but that doesn't stand up to intellectual rigor does it? If
I am caught burning down a building and you say "Burning down buildings is
wrong" I could refute that by saying "But if burning down that building
freed a bunch of people trapped in the basement it would not be wrong
therefore because I defeated your generalist statement I am not in the
wrong for burning down this building (which has no trapped people).
 Yup edge cases exist.  But they are not the general case that's why we
differentiate them from the general case by calling them edge cases.  You
personally identified your case as the edge case and misidentified Liz's
statement as an absolutist statement.   This is where your argument fails.
 It wasn't an absolutist statement. That was your interpretation.  Even if
it was you self-identifying yourself as an edge case negates your argument
because she wasn't talking about you.

Your logic is weak your argument fails.

The worst part of all of this is if you hadn't jumped down someone's throat
with pedantry and semantics you could have been friends and worked
collaboratively.  All because of a dumb misinterpretation of someone's
intent. (IE Your belief that she was making a blanket statement about all
women instead of relating a personal story.)

On Wed, Oct 30, 2013 at 3:06 PM, Brink Of Complexity
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> You seem to have logically conflated her absolutist statement, with my
> single data point that destroys the truth of the absolute, even if it is an
> outlier experience. Outliers are REAL. That is the point.
> It doesn't require projection, it's just logic.
> Also, please learn the difference between assumptions, hypotheses,
> predictions, and conditional statements. It will help immensely in
> processing information effectively.
> -brink
> *sorry about the duplicate to your personal address, my phone doesn't
> "reply all" by default, and I don't plan to change that.
> On Oct 30, 2013 2:08 PM, "LinkReincarnate" <linkreincarnate at gmail.com>
> wrote:
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> > Project much Brink?
> >
> > Just because you had opportunities to explore those interests does not
> mean everyone  did. The fact that other  girls did not have the opportunity
> that you did does not diminish your standing as a woman in a STEM field or
> discourage women from moving into said field now.  What you seem to be
> arguing though is that women never were discriminated against in the first
> place (using the fact that you yourself persued those interests) and that
> women who bemoan not having the opportunities that you have are just lazy
> or stupid or both.
> > I've said this before and I'll continue saying it until it makes a dent
> in the collective consciousness.
> > I've seen a lot of people who should be allies destroying Noisebridge
> through misinterpreting each others motivations.   If you are interpreting
> someone's thought process or motivation it's a safe bet to assume you are
> already wrong.
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