[Noisebridge-discuss] Noisebridge at Night episode n!

Robert Chu robert.chu01 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 12 09:08:26 UTC 2013

There have been nights in the past couple of weeks at Noisebridge in which
they have been drama filled (whether it has been a lot of people sleeping
at Noisebridge, stuff getting stolen, acts of hostility, drug use, etc.),
and I am sending this email to let everybody know that has transpired and
for the past couple of nights, NB has been full of people working on
projects and hacking.

I type this to represent the underrepresented-the people who I feel get a
bad reputation for being at Noisebridge late into the night because of the
past drama that has transpired.

I really like Noisebridge and prefer to be here at night because the
daylight sucks and When NB is chill at night it is a huge catalyst for
productivity (IHO).

So here is the update for what is going on with the people in the space:

- Some people looking into Map hacking.
- Guy trying to sign up on the mailing list.
- Another looking over EEG python code.
- A Mechanical Engineer is here looking for a job and apartment.
- Another person playing music his synthesizers that he set up.
- Another just integrated the Noisebridge ticketing system with the
Noisebridge Android app.
- Another is making stencils and art.
- Two napping on the Hacker Stacker.
- Person building a computer from donated parts.

As for me I am diligently here to make sure no sketchiness arises, finally
give the community at large some well over-due POSITIVE updates to the
list, and continue working on the Noisebridge App (Python and Dyjango
version: github.com/wemeetagain/noisepatch ) by adding a projects gallery
section so we can finally start documenting projects and show that hacking
yes still will be happening at night.

Hacking at Noisebridge after hours sort of feels like I am a hacker within
a subculture of the hacker culture because of the because I choose to work
here at night.


"Don't look at something for what it is, or what you may think it may be..
Do-ocracy it for what you can unleash it to be. - RAYC
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