[Noisebridge-discuss] Hack it up on the (opensource) NB App as well

Robert Chu robert.chu01 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 12 09:43:43 UTC 2013

If you think you can hack it, contribute to it, add your ideas, then go git
it and add to the already decentralized and sometime centralized group of
people hacking on it.

-- Ticket/bug/issue system
-- Calendar
-- Project Tracker
-- Connected to the infrastructure (potentials: gate, music boxes, shades,
lights, tweeting toliet flushes, hackable marquees with useful info (bart &
muni times) etc.)
-- Gallery for uploading pictures of your project directly from yO
mobile!!! :-)
-- Library of videos from previous classes, events, projects, and what
evas. Maybe even "how tos" as well.
-- 360 degree panoramic tour
-- How To snippets for using equipment
-- Inter Hackerspace communications

If you do decided to hack on this community & open source project, please
do so with the mindset that this might be a huge open source project that
other hacker spaces can git, use, and hack as well.

H at K T0g3thR
Cheers and a BIG thanks to the people whom dedicated their time to making
the ticketing system (ROR/RUBY) and TO-DO/Calendar (DJANGO/PYTHON) online
and continuing to support it.

P.S. The dedicated meet time for NB APP HACKING is Friday @ 7:00pm at 2169
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