[Noisebridge-discuss] Come to NB Radio meetings: Sat 14th 6-8 PM, Tues 17th 5-7 PM. Summary of great mtg last Tues.

giovanni_re john_re at fastmail.us
Sat Sep 14 07:24:51 UTC 2013

Let's have two more NB FM Radio meetings.  :)

We can discus topics such as: transmitter location & frequency, outreach
to the SF community, & hackerspaces around the US for creating content, 
writing the application, how to record & produce shows, operating
systems & procedures, training, DJing, etc.

 Sat 14th 6-8 PM, &
 Tues 17th 5-7 PM. 

Please email me if you think you might attend!  Thanks. :)

We had a great meeting on Tuesday with 4 main attendees, plus another 5
or 6 who we spoke with after making an announcment at the end of the
Tues eve general meeting.

Among those included: A web developer working with SDR, our main regular
interested in DJing & radio technology, a new attendee with 7 yrs
college radio experience, a multiinstrumentalist physics student new to
NB who would like to dj a show, a musician/singer/songwriter new to NB,
Adam was a DJ on KOME for many years, someone else is a music DJ, &
Monad wants to create educational videos about tools.

" = Person, Show description. Declare if possible when you are able to
Monad: I want to make a short program about using tools. 
Clif P: I'm a multi-instrumentalistand could do a DJ setofpost-rock/doom
and good electroacoustic music. 
Martin: Blues music show."

We have 5 weeks to get our FCC license application written .  A friend
told me of a resource: her friend is a lawyer volunteering with these
FCC applications.

We created the 
page to begin to reach out to al the US hackerspaces to share creation
of Hacker radio content, & help each other on writing FCC applications.

We talked about getting Ham/Amateur radio licenses, where to install the
studio at NB, how to train people in station procedures, & transmitter

What about radio do you want to ask about, or work on, at our next two


One thing that is very important is getting content, having DJs & show
What do you like to hack on?  Could you make a show about your project??

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