[Noisebridge-discuss] GPG Workshop?

James Addison jay at jp-hosting.net
Sun Sep 15 01:24:53 UTC 2013

Hey Noisebridge,

I've been thinking of using GPG for a long time, but have only finally
gotten around to sending my first few messages to friends using it, and
even as a fairly seasoned geek it still feels like a pain to manage - which
is bad, we should make this stuff easy (easier?).

Are there any folks out there with a bit more experience who'd be willing
to get together and work through some of this stuff with a group?  Even if
using throwaway mail addresses/identities, I think running through the
process of creating a new identity, generating subkeys, sending/receiving,
managing revocation of keys, etc might make a lot more sense if done in

I am totally willing to help in terms of preparing any instructional
material, finding folks interested, helping people debug problems on the
day, etc - but I don't feel like I know enough about gpg yet to really
'run' a class/workshop yet.

As a sidenote, any tips for utilities etc to make things easier would also
be nice!  gpa sounds like one possibility, for example.  Ideally I like the
idea of using easily-revocable subkeys with gpg as an app on my phone but
not sure how easy/feasible this is.

Partly inspired by reading:

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