[Noisebridge-discuss] lens hack and pinhole workshop?

Mac Rutan macrutan at mac.com
Mon Sep 16 11:28:40 UTC 2013

Is there any interest in having a short presentation/workshop from a designer/artist/maker/organizer from Orlando Florida? I can show a few photographic diy projects including macro lens hacks for DSLRs and raspberry pi, and pinhole camera construction.

I am the organizer of the Central Florida Raspberry Pi Users Group, a member of FamiLAB hackerspace in Longwood (Orlando area), FL. I'm a Course Director in the design department at Full Sail University, and have worked in communications using film, video and anything else that can generate media.

I am currently on a 3 week cross country tour and I have a window of availability on this Friday Night 20th Sep.

In any case I'd like to stop in and visit the space. I'll present some of the goodness above if anyone is interested!

Thanks for any feedback on such short notice,

Mac Rutan
macrutan at mac.com

Here are some links for reference:


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