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I received the following information about a free tower. Contact Steven
directly if interested.

Hi Jim,

I’m a BioMedical Technician at NorthBay Medical Center in Fairfield, Ca.
Currently our hospital is in the process of disposing a 40 foot tower
the construction crew will cut-up the tower if there’s no takers. The
is a simple 2, 20 foot sections, self supporting. The box must be 6 feet
cubed.  It does not tilt and erecting it will be “fun” because it is a
heavy industrial model. But hey, who am I to deny some industrious ham

I figure you might have “connections” for a home.

Steven Preston
707 646-5065 WK
707 428-6178 HM

ARRL East Bay Section
Section Manager: James R Latham, AF6AQ
af6aq at arrl.org

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