[Noisebridge-discuss] Welcome back, Altman. :) , 10 US Hackerspaces? for NB & US Hacker radio outreach. & meeting summary & ToDos Tues 9/17

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BACK IN THE USA -- Chuck Berry,  Johnnie Johnson, Linda Ronstadt, Keith
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>From the documentary "Chuck Berry Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll (1987) ".
Filmed at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis, Missouri, October 18, 1986 on
Chuck's 60th birthday. Chuck's backup band includes Keith Richards,
Robert Cray, Joey Spampinato, Eric Clapton, and long-time Berry pianist
Johnnie Johnson. 


Welcome back, Mitch. :)

Below are some links & info you might have missed while you were away.

At our great 2nd in person radio meeting on Tuesday. we made an action
item to try to spread word of the Hacker Radio &TV network project to 10
US hackerspaces before our next Tues meeting.

Priorities, in order, for other hackerspaces:
1) Get people alerted & signing up to create content/shows/programs,
2) Begin preparing their own local US FCC broadcast radio station
license, due 2013 October 15-24.

We are in week 5 of countdown to FCC application due date.

Below are some links to maps & a list of hackerspaces, from NBs
wiki/US_Hackerspace_Radio page.

Mitch, & everyone:
What 10 hackerspaces should we try to contact this week?

The top 10 most active hackerspaces in the US.

Please reply to this message, & be sure to send it to the NB Discuss
list here, for us all to read.  :)

Name & city & state, plus URL would be great!  :)





Meeting notes 20130917. 615-700 PM Tuesday.

 J.C., giovanni, Jarrod, Andrew, RAYC

Reach 10 hackerspaces. - Giovanni & Jarrod ?
Work with Noisebridge Officer to get FRN. - Andrew
Reach out to SF Amateur Radio group sfarc.org. - Giovanni
Create outline of submission this week (on wiki) - Andrew
Start on -line "station" as part of submission. - J.C. 

[Videos from the meeting will be posted shortly] 
These videos are copyright (c) 2013 by Giovanni Re under a creative
commons share & share alike license for non commercial use only.
(Adam - Will you please get the videos up today,  Friday???!!!  Thank
you !  :) )


 -- United States Hackerspace Radio Network

NB Radio will take the lead in working to create a total United States
Hacker Radio Network. This will be a website & mailing list that will
connect United States' hackerspaces to enable the USA wide production of
Hacker Radio content. Hackerspaces nationwide will be able to tap into
this content for use in their own local city hackerspace FCC liscensed
FM Broadcast band radio station.

We will work together to help hackerspaces around the United States
prepare their local city FCC radio license applications.

--- 2013/09/17: Contact 10 biggest USA hackerspaces before next Radio
meeting on 2013/09/24 Tuesday 5-8PM

---California Hacker Spaces

Map of Hackerspaces in United States 
http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/List_of_Hacker_Spaces. Is a map.
https://www.adafruit.com/hacker_spaces/  is a map

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