[Noisebridge-discuss] Noisebridge Radio

Norman Bradley pryankster at gmail.com
Tue Sep 24 00:38:12 UTC 2013

For the Radio Project (https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Radio) I need some 
volunteers to go to particular places and listen to their FM radios. If 
you don't have a radio I have a spare to loan.

I am looking for the tops of these hills, Potrero, Twin Peaks, Mount 
Davidson, Goat, and Telegraph. In addition I would like information 
from, North Beach/Fisherman's Wharf/the Marina (not much there), 
Baypoint/Hunters Point (Heron point is the best), and Downtown/the 
Tenderloin (there are particular radio problems there).

Please contact me so I can get the frequency list to you. I will be at 
the weekly meetings so I can get a printed list to you then or I can 
email you a list of frequencies.

This needs to be done by October 10.

You are entitled to your own opinion.
You are NOT entitled to your own facts.


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