[Noisebridge-discuss] $100 of $153 cash donation last night

Jake jake at spaz.org
Wed Sep 25 04:49:18 UTC 2013

I just hope nobody "made change" and took $100 worth of twenties when they 
put that fake bill in there.


Mitch wrote:
Last night (Monday) was a hopping night at Noisebridge, as it often is. 
Lots of happy people soldering, learning how to make websites, playing 
with LED lighting, and lots of other cool things.  And a bunch of people 
donated cash into our donation box.

When I went home, I grabbed the cash from the donation bin.  Someone had 
put in a $100 bill, inside of an envelope.

Today, I went to Wells Fargo Bank to deposit all the cash, and the teller 
looked at the $100 bill kinda funny.  "I hope that is real", I said.  He 
said, "I don't think it is.  Let me show it to my manager."  She was on 
the phone, but in less than a glance, she waved her finger and shook her 
head.  It was counterfeit!  I wish they didn't have to keep the bill, 
otherwise I'd give a photo of it.  The printing was really good!  But it 
was missing a watermark, and though they added a little strip inside the 
bill, the strip was not perpendicular to the edges of the bill.

So, the teller deposited the rest of the $53 into the Noisebridge account. 
"Thanks for taking this so well.", the teller said.


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