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Wed Sep 25 22:59:14 UTC 2013

i love animals...
usually and mostly(redundant) more than 'people'...

that being said i love having 'cool' animals in the space and look forward
to meeting many more.

beings bringing animals to the space and taking over work/study/learn/do
space(s) sucks, is selfish, and inconsiderate.

the other day we came in and some being had put another being's pit bull in
the treehouse (booth) because the being with the dog had completely left
the space and the dog behind on its own. this was apparently the resolution
until the being with the dog returned (if at all) rendering that part of
the space unusable.

today i came in and turing was closed up (both doors) because a being had a
cat out of a cage (i have seen this cage brought to the space numerous
times before with a crying cat in it) running around turing (i saw no signs
of a litter box though that doesn't really matter). i found this very
selfish and inconsiderate. when the doors were opened the cat was placed in
its prison which initiated it crying without end.

additionally, the cage was located on top of a table adjacent to where they
were working rendering it basically unavailable (at a minimum appearing
occupied) to others whom may have wanted to come in and work (yes. anyone
could have come in, asked, and moved it to the floor etc.. that is a given).

last time i checked NB isn't your personal animal shelter, daycare,
surrogate daycare/supervision.

it is unexcellent to close off ANY part of the space to use for your pet
pen or private romper room.

it is unexcellent and inconsiderate to leave the space and your animal(s)
behind in the space.

i love having animals 'that can deal' visit the space and hang out with
everyone and it's a very kewl aspect of NB's openess.

please don't project your own issues or agendas onto your animal(s) or the
space in general.

eventually the being(s) left with said cat


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