[Noisebridge-discuss] Launching new hacker / maker space in Norfolk, England

Holly McDede hmcdede at cca.edu
Thu Sep 26 11:36:31 UTC 2013

Hello Noisebridge,

I'm helping set up a new hacker space/public space/maker space-type place
out of an unused cathedral in Norwich, England. There's about 100 members
right now (membership is free and open at the moment) and we're starting to
paint the space next week. I haven't  been actively involved in setting up
or maintaining Noisebridge, though I do love and value the space.

I was wondering if there was anyone at Noisebridge who might be willing to
speak to members of the Common Room to talk over skype or email about how
Noisebridge works, how it's lasted so long, and any tips or advice to get
this space running? Inevitable the two spaces will be different, but I'm
sure the Common Room folks will be inspired by and learn from Noisebridge.

Let me know!

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