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The pit bull is the one with brown and gray marble coat? Cause if it is, it
always seems to be a different guy that brings him in. That dog causes lots
of problems for people. We've already sent one guy home with that dog for
all kinds of drama. The whole Tuesday meeting was in an uproar about it,
but they selectively ignored that the exact dog they were complaining about
was in attendance. This was after an unnecessary consensus item "rule"
about dogs was added. It took some doing to rally everyone away from the
meeting and actually explain to the guy that he couldn't have the dog there
if it was making people uncomfortable. He didn't understand what we were
talking about, and didn't seem to have any concept of things other than
what he wanted.

Coming to Noisebridge with well behaved animals that you are actively
tending to is pretty excellent. If someone has allergies, or feels
uncomfortable around your pet, then obviously, you should move away from
that person, or come back later.

Coming to Noisebridge with animals and then leaving them to run around and
piss people off, shit everywhere, eat people's food, and possibly get hurt
by the equipment, chemicals, and robots endemic to the hackerspace
environment is falling a bit short of being excellent. In fact it makes you
a terrible, terrible person.

If there are animals being left to fend for themselves at Noisebridge,
which is a potentially dangerous workshop, I wouldn't be surprised if
someone called the SF SPCA at 415-554-6364 to come and get the animal
before it gets hurt. I wouldn't be surprised if the owner was prevented
from entering the space.

If we see someone abusing an animal, or creating a situation where people
are made to feel uncomfortable because of the lack of attention of the
animals under other people's care, it is my hope that we will stop that
situation from continuing. I hope that would happen at Noisebridge or
Anywhere Else.

On Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 3:39 PM, cynthia lee
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> -- Hi,
> i have asked the owner of the pit bull numerous times to watch his pet
> when I found it straying around the space to numerous areas. One person has
> noted that this dog came up and ate this person's meal from the plate near
> him. When I asked the owner about this his reply was that the person should
> have not placed their plate on the floor. That works for me if the
> offending animal was a mouse but not a dog. Thanks to whoever is placing
> mousetraps out.
> This dog growled at me a few weeks ago (in the kitchen) while acting very
> scared, tail between his legs. I promise I did not threaten it (to evoke
> that growl) but I'm supposing it knew that I knew that he was not supposed
> to be there checking around for stray food. I believe this dog needs to be
> muzzled if in the space. I have owned large dogs and want responsible
> people to be able to come to Noisebridge with them.
> I have put forth the argument that some people who come to the space
> through the Mission on foot may be safer with their animals. That argument
> does not work if the owner thinks it is ok to leave the animal there. I
> walked around that night checking to see if anyone would claim to be
> responsible for it, but no one spoke up until one person volunteered (not
> having been asked previously by the owner)to control its behavior.
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> i love animals...
> usually and mostly(redundant) more than 'people'...
> that being said i love having 'cool' animals in the space and look forward
> to meeting many more.
> however,
> beings bringing animals to the space and taking over work/study/learn/do
> space(s) sucks, is selfish, and inconsiderate.
> the other day we came in and some being had put another being's pit bull in
> the treehouse (booth) because the being with the dog had completely left
> the space and the dog behind on its own. this was apparently the resolution
> until the being with the dog returned (if at all) rendering that part of
> the space unusable.
> today i came in and turing was closed up (both doors) because a being had a
> cat out of a cage (i have seen this cage brought to the space numerous
> times before with a crying cat in it) running around turing (i saw no signs
> of a litter box though that doesn't really matter). i found this very
> selfish and inconsiderate. when the doors were opened the cat was placed in
> its prison which initiated it crying without end.
> additionally, the cage was located on top of a table adjacent to where they
> were working rendering it basically unavailable (at a minimum appearing
> occupied) to others whom may have wanted to come in and work (yes. anyone
> could have come in, asked, and moved it to the floor etc.. that is a
> given).
> summation:
> last time i checked NB isn't your personal animal shelter, daycare,
> surrogate daycare/supervision.
> it is unexcellent to close off ANY part of the space to use for your pet
> pen or private romper room.
> it is unexcellent and inconsiderate to leave the space and your animal(s)
> behind in the space.
> i love having animals 'that can deal' visit the space and hang out with
> everyone and it's a very kewl aspect of NB's openess.
> please don't project your own issues or agendas onto your animal(s) or the
> space in general.
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