[Noisebridge-discuss] Wow! Impressive space today

Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Mon Sep 30 01:34:33 UTC 2013

I took a hiatus from Noisebridge for the past six months or so because my visits there hadn't been like they were when we first opened in the new space. 

But, I needed to see it the laser cutter was working and I was in the area. I went in and Noisebridge was so "Noisebridgey" (even more so)  -- yay!!

The space was organized. The conversations were deep into explaining how technical things worked. People weren't yelling and obnoxious (like when I decided to take a small hiatus). In fact, I loudly asked "Does anyone know if the laser cuter still works and where it is?" And, I could tell I was pulling people out of a good technical conversation (I could feel that this was a tad loud and apologize).

I see locked doors in a Noisebridge only area. I see tighter security getting into the space. Kudos to all! I'm sorry for doubting you Noisebridge.

Since I'm on a roll apologizing, when we left the space, there was someone at the door I didn't recognize. I closed the gate behind me. He yelled at me "that he had a code" ("Good", I thought) and that this was "f#%^ing rude." 

I apologize to whoever that was -- I simply didn't recognize you and didn't feel comfortable. Someone let me into the space since I stopped carrying my key with me (I don't even know if it works anymore). So, I didn't repay this in kind  :(.  Instinct tells me that I'd rather let someone who recognizes you let you in or that you can use a code. But, I do apologize if this came across as rude -- it genuinely wasn't my intent.

Sorry and Thank you Noisebridge for being the cool space I remember. :) :)


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