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 NEW: World's simplest FM transmitter II, upgraded! many of you out
 there complained 7413 is not easy to come by. We have revised the
 world's simplest FM transmitter to use new, easily available parts.
 This design is also better as far as stability and output power goes.
 Enjoy this small and easy to assemble FM transmitter! Keep us posted,
 post your results in the forum!


 World's simplest FM transmitter schematic, period. If you cannot
 assemble this transmitter, then perhaps you should give up on
 assembling anything at all;-) Range and stability is not premium, but
 it works! Its a demonstration of what can be done with little to none
 resources. Please, don't bother asking how you could increase the power
 of this small FM transmitter.

Discuss this FM transmitter schematic in our Forum! 

 1W PLL FM transmitter schematic Cool little FM transmitter. Suitable
 for study purposes, you can use the RF part of this transmitter easily
 for your projects. However, unless you know how to build a serial data
 link and connect this LPFM transmitter to a PC or a microcontroller,
 you won't be able to use the PLL. All info about the PLL is available
 at Plessey's web page.


 Simple FM Transmitter circuit schematic Long range, short range using
 VMR6512 Hi-Fi Audio FM transmitter module

Posted On : Wednesday, June 13, 2012 Posted by : i-St at r Group


 Features of VMR6512 Hi-Fi Audio FM transmitter

Broadcasts sound without any external components.

Audio frequency processed by DSP, providing high quality sound.

Using frequency synthetic technology, high stability of oscillation
frequency and output power adjustments.

Frequency range is 88.0MHz to 108.0MHz, low -end can be extended to
76.0MHz upon request.

It can input analog audio or digital audio and possesses external UART
interface and can be easily controlled by external CPU or PC machines.

It provides frequency setting UP / DOWN input and can be used



 This is the most simplest and single transistor FM wireless transmitter
 circuit that ever posted in CircuitsGallery . In telecommunication
 field, frequency modulation (FM)

transmits information by changing the frequency of a carrier wave
according to message signal. FM uses VHF radio frequencies usually 87.5
– 108.0 MHz to transmit and

receive the FM signals.

Here I will give you the explanations about FM transmitter, how to make
a FM transmitter and how a simple FM transmitter is designed and
assembled etc. The

performance and working of a wireless audio transmitter circuit mainly
depends on inductor coil specification and the value of variable
capacitor. Even a slight change of

inductance or capacitor can shift the harmonic frequency from the VHF
(88 -108 MHz) band. This article will enable you to answer “how to build
an FM radio

transmitter?”. Also you will get the confidence to build your own FM

FM transmitter Circuit diagram



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