[Noisebridge-discuss] FCC Is Ready for LPFM Filings

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FCC Is Ready for LPFM Filings by Leslie Stimson

on 09.26.2013

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The FCC is confident the agency can open the application window for new
low -power FM stations on time.

FCC Audio Division Deputy Chief of Engineering Jim Bradshaw said at
today’s commission meeting that the division has processed thousands of
FM translator filings over the past few months. The end result could be
the authorization of some 1,700 new FM translators in 2013, he said, a
33% increase over the current number.

The agency needed to clear the decks of more than 13,000 FM translator
applications filed in Auction 83 as part of its focus on preparing to
open another application window for low -power FMs.

Bradshaw described the “clashing” goals of processing those FM
translator applications while, at the same time, leaving enough spectrum
room for new LPFMs. The division identified 700 “singletons,” meaning FM
translator applications where there’s no competing interest, in
February. The commission received “dozens” of settlement agreements and
dismissal requests. Of the 6, 350 Auction 83 FM translator applications,
only eight remain unprocessed, he said.

The FCC’s Parul Desai said the dismissal of some 4,000 Auction 83 FM
translator proposals cleared space for new LPFMs and “hundreds” of LPFM
applicants have begun the application process. The commission has taken
a number of steps to help applicants through the process, she said.

The FCC plans to open an LPFM application window on Oct. 15.

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai is “optimistic that we will have a successful
LPFM filing window.” He encouraged community organizations to take
advantage of the opportunity.

Acting Chairwoman Mignon Clyburn said she’s “thrilled” the commission is
posed to open the window. “We don’t know today whether 1,000 or 10,000
applications will be filed in the LPFM window, but we must be prepared
either way.”

Today’s presentation was an update on the commission’s LPFM plans. What
was not discussed was ho

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