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Xavier Aubuchon-Mendoza xavieram at gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 18:42:07 UTC 2014

On Thu, Apr 3, 2014 at 9:44 AM, Naomi Most <pnaomi at gmail.com> wrote:

> You're right, the "secure" part wasn't mentioned.  I added that in.
> The reason I thought to add that in was because I felt it was a value
> most at Noisebridge would share.  But you're right that it doesn't
> accurately represent the conversation.

Oh, absolutely. Security is important, I just don't see how in this case
it's compatible with the other values of openness and inclusiveness in

> I agree with almost everything else you've written, and I'm the
> biggest proponent of people meeting in person in the space whenever
> possible.  I'm just worried about those times when that's not
> possible.

I understand that, and I know that reasonable cases do come up where
somebody with a strong position on the matter simply cannot make it. While
the Proxy system clearly has flaws, I'm unsure how to change that without
creating the opportunity for the very same trolls on the discuss list being
able to just electronically block all proposals.

That's why I'm such a strong proponent for in person democracy. People will
happily spew hate to a screen and watch systems collapse. However, people
are much less willing to make a trip in person, be hated in person and then
watch the consequences of their actions destroy the space they are in.
Also, technological systems are easy to subvert. What would happen when
somebody claims their "I block!" button didn't work, and so the last
proposal was invalid?

> Maybe I shouldn't worry so much? Maybe when there are Working Groups,
> the meetings will be less burdened, and therefore more productive?

I'm not familiar with this working group thing?

> But one thing I do want to try is having more reasoned discussions
> ahead of the meetings.  Technology helps a lot with that, since I have
> no guarantees of when I or anyone else will happen to be in the space
> AND want to talk rather than hack.

I concur absolutely!

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