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Thu Apr 3 23:23:22 UTC 2014

Even if you COULD get people re-engaged, which sounds really doubtful to
me, it seems even more doubtful that you'd be able to make it last.

On Thu, Apr 3, 2014 at 4:14 PM, Adrian Chadd <adrian.chadd at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 3 April 2014 13:58, Praveen Sinha <dmhomee at gmail.com> wrote:
> > <RANT>
> > I got a couple of emails off-list questioning my judgment on this, so I
> > thought I would follow up with some other thoughts I had...
> >
> > The other night, I was walking back from consensus in the cold
> downpouring
> > rain.  I could see my breath and I was soaked.  I know for east coasters,
> > this mild california weather is nothing, but the fact is, SF get's COLD.
>  It
> > was COLD and WET.  I saw at least one person huddling in a corner trying
> to
> > stay dry.  I looked at him and remembered the times when I was that cold
> and
> > hungry and alone -- I was miserable, it was the worst lonliest feeling in
> > the world, and the only thing I wanted was to be in a warm place.
> >
> > About a year and half ago I saw an email to nb-discuss from a young woman
> > who had come to SF recently and had no place to go for the night, and she
> > was escorted out in the middle of the night after being woken up from her
> > sleep.  She related that she was terrified of being out in the streets
> alone
> > at night in the mission.  I'll happily take the flak from many
> noisebridgers
> > to help someone stay warm on a cold rainy night.  To me, being human is
> > about finding ways to bend the rules and share resources for human
> benefit.
> >
> > You all are right, NB is not a homeless shelter.  I don't have all the
> > answers.  Maybe all of you are totally in the right that we should be
> > locking down.  We aren't equipped for it.  I'm not even necessarily
> arguing
> > on these points.  What I am saying is that people at noisebridge are
> > Everyone has feelings, everyone has needs, everyone needs to be approach
> > with, as James Sundquist just said - with dignity and conversation and
> > benefit of the doubt, and not dehumanized and stereotyped.  WHAT WOULD MR
> >
> > Or more importantly, how do we give everyone SLACK,
> Well, it's not necessarily about giving those who need some slack said
> slack. It's more about how do you engage everyone else in the space to
> actively participate at the level required to give people this kind of
> slack.
> From what I saw last year and the year before, the problem was people
> not feeling engaged. They'd just hack on their projects and turn a
> blind eye to anything else going on that wasn't immediately affecting
> them.
> I think that is the problem that underpins a lot of the "problems"
> that hackerspaces like Noisebridge sees. The "someone else will deal
> with it", "it doesn't affect me so why should I get involved", etc
> problem.
> Note: this isn't limited to hackerspaces. This kind of problem appears
> at all levels of society. There's lots of writings on how you get a
> local community re-engaged with each other rather than just simply
> siloing themselves into their houses and blaming the social problems
> on everyone else.
> -a
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