[Noisebridge-discuss] Broken down to three qualified phrases of generality for respectful consideration.

Oren Beck orenbeck at gmail.com
Sat Apr 5 13:56:17 UTC 2014

Reality as is- requires cohesive acceptance that the entity currently known
as Noisebridge cannot expect to survive unless the Schisms over Human
Issues are resolved in legally and ethically sustainable fashions.  In more
warm terms- solve this in a valid fashion that stays valid or Noisebridge
dies in any of many ways. Warm Human Phrasing= The Human Issues on many
levels are indeed that life or death program fork and if we mishandle it-
NB dies.

Reality has given us some effectively immutable factors= lease, zoning,
plus the capstone issue of the sober fact that Hacking and Humanitarian
Works are distinct missions needing NB to accept spatially separated
places/projects as the *ONLY survivable Hack.   Warm Human Phrasing= Build
a safe space for the less fortunate but NOT in NB's extant confines or NB

Reality thus is suggesting loudly that -The entity currently known as
Noisebridge chooses to create a spatially separate project for Humanitarian
Works, the next item becoming - safely incarnating such a project. Warm
Human Phrasing= NB as a Collective Consensus applies itself to a Mutual
SURVIVAL PACT by creating shelter spaces.

Oren Beck

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