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Oren Beck orenbeck at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 02:49:40 UTC 2014

I've replaced some installs having Two  34 watt bi-pin tubes with a 2X4
board having 4 CFL's. It's been a win in sites where the total lifetime
project cost and cost of operations warranted doing so.

60 watt bulb replacement CFL's are a buck each at many dollar stores... LED
screw or GU10 base lamps are <5 online if bought in 10+ quantities and i
have a handful here at the campground that are still alive at over a year
or more running  24/7/365

Being creative in lighting is also Excellent- contemplate LED builds! Mitch
and a few others go to the Pacific Rim and might be approached to shlep
back a smallish box of 10~50 watt diode "naked panels" or COB's that we'd
bash together PSU's for-either from offshored potted modules or built the
old fashioned way from e-salvage...

Those 4 foot 34 watt tubes are ballpark initial 2650  lumens each with 1200
hours rated life.

A random fleabay dig found these:


that are currently <$25 with shipping. Do note that 18 watts- rounds up to
20 the same way as a 34 watt tube rounds up to 40 for iron ballast losses.
YES- some of our EE folks will bash at my/vendor numbers and that may sell
the board on LED as a win...

 I have seen numbers on some LED systems that do involve fabrication and
are cost effective if we apply the 24/7 nature of NB to the calculations.
Do also factor in the non-trivial elements such as Leading By Example for

NB might consider reaching out to vendors of LED stuff for either subsidy
or overt donation.

Failing our getting subsidy/donations- at least consider spending or money
on pre-selected vendors that reflect Noisebridge Ethics...

Oren Beck


On Sun, Apr 6, 2014 at 9:33 AM, Curtis Gagliardi <gagliardi.curtis at gmail.com
> wrote:

> How do we budget some money towards buying new lightbults so the library
> area isn't dark and depressing?
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