[Noisebridge-discuss] Hello. I think we a need a new Mission Statement.

Johny Radio johnyradio at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 23:08:53 UTC 2014

I agree with everything you said. I would like a noisebridge such as the 
one you described.

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From: "Josh Juran" <jjuran at gmail.com>

>  A community mission statement needs the input and alignment of the 
>community. But the community I think Noisebridge would like to have is 
>largely not participating right now

then the process would need to do a lot of outreach to them.

And they would have to be made to feel that their time and effort 
contributing to such a mission statement is worth their time-- that is, 
that the mission statement would have real impact on what happens in the 

I think the only way it could have impact is if all members somehow 
formally agree to the resulting mission statement. Maybe some kind of 
member-contract? A social or community contract, not a legal one.

Such a contract might help deal with people who are abusing the space.

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