[Noisebridge-discuss] I AM ON STRIKE?!?

Mike Schachter cubicgoats at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 22:10:23 UTC 2014

Let me be very clear to everyone, for I have recently speed-read a pdf of
Gene Sharp's "From Dictatorship to Democracy" while commuting via BART.

The Noisebridge Board of Directors is illegitimate. Bylaws are irrelevant,
when they are abused to advance a non-consensual agenda on the part of a
small number of very vocal people. The community of Noisebridge is
legitimate. The community of Noisebridge should engage in a campaign of
cooperation with eachother, and non-cooperation with the current Board.
That includes the members of the Board. The Board should cooperate with the
community of Noisebridge, but not eachother. Thankfully, they are already
doing that.

My legitimacy in this context is potentially questionable. I rarely go to
weekly meetings, all I want to do is teach a goddamn class in a fucking
hackerspace, without being assaulted by fear-mongering on the mailing list.
I deserve no such luxury. My satirically-violent speech two sentences ago
was unacceptable and I should be banned. My banning, however, may very well
not be legitimate, and I will find somebody to proxy-block it.

Nevertheless, ban or no ban, I am on STRIKE, probably. I might not teach
another machine learning class until Noisebridge has re-established itself
as a champion of some sort of new consensus-approved, community bought-in
decision-making process that I will probably have very little to do with,
for lack of time. I am willing to help with this effort only through
continued contributions to Noisebridge via teaching people for free, when I
am no longer on or off STRIKE. I guess?

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