[Noisebridge-discuss] The Fall of Hacker Groups

Jeffrey Carl Faden jeffreyatw at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 17:29:46 UTC 2014

When someone seriously uses the phrase "social justice warriors" it is
completely fine to tune them out.

On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 9:08 AM, openfly <openfly at xn--kgbed8a0h.xn--ngbc5azd
> wrote:

> I was re-reading the great failure of the hacker halfway house
> slides from Notacon 2006 the other day.  Enjoying a stroll down
> memory lane.  The thing of it is, when noisebridge started up
> everyone, and I do mean everyone who had been a part of, or to
> HHH saw that Noisebridge would likely fail.
> Today, after noisebridge ignored most of the the design patterns
> and chose to let a bunch of social justice warriors slowly
> destroy any basic semblence to a hackerspace you guys are
> finally on the road to utter destruction.
> And it was ENTIRELY predictable.  Hell 3.x years ago when I
> moved to the bay area every hacker I knew, east and west told
> me Noisebridge was doomed.  I didn't believe them because, I
> was just coming from a highly successful hackerspace.  And
> noisebridge was still famous for being a successful american
> space.  But after only a few visits, I can tell you I not
> only understood what they meant, I discovered a few more
> layers to the cess pool that was Noisebridge.
> I made several attempts to get you guys to target and
> eliminate your toxic membership.  For my troubles I had 2
> members make up stories about me and spread them behind
> my back.  I only found out about those from a friend who
> the unkowningly spread those stories to as well.
> At that point I said fuck it.  And even when living in SF
> I hacked at home rather than step foot in noisebridge.
> Frankly, I've been having a barrel of laughs watching you
> guys continue unabaited down the path to destruction ever
> since.
> And while I am a little sad to see you go, I know that the
> community of hackers in SF is strong, and several more
> spaces could easily spin up and succeed where you have
> failed so impressively.
> I'd cut it there, and never even send this email, but for
> the fact that several good friends apparently did still
> give a shit about saving your dumbasses.  And they gave
> a real effort ( and some continue to ) to do so.
> And for their troubles they got to watch you assholes
> tear apart any attempt at reform once again under the
> false disguise of 'we'll discuss it further'.  You
> people would discuss a raging inferno in the woodshop
> further until you all asphixiated and died.  And the
> few people who survived would declare it a victory for
> 18 different movements that had nothing to do with
> anything.
> The 'spirit' of noisebridge today is vitriol, lies, and
> above all else failure.  So if you are clinging to some
> notion of noisebridge being a noble pursuit of some sort
> of social victory, you are delusional.  And frankly you
> are a huge part of the problem.
> I read your last meeting notes.
> You banned a guy for yelling at an unattended kid.  Said
> nothing of the wonder parent who A.  brought their kid to
> noisebridge and effective meth/heroin den.  B.  left that
> same crotch fruit to run about unattended maybe hoping
> they would accidentally kill themselves in the several
> dozen ways I could think of in 5 seconds of thought. And
> I am sure some folks think they've protected the realm.
> When in fact team social justice warriors basically just
> poured gasoline all over the liability of noisebridge and
> said to the membership.  Hey you want to be a terrible
> parent in noisebridge... COME RIGHT ON OVER.  Here give
> the little one these rusty razor blades to chew on.
> Hooray equality for age challenged people.
> In short, you are all fucking idiots for that one.
> Second... the board.  Wow.  Just... wow.
> That you need a board to try and steer you to reform is
> already the literal last straw for your continued existence
> that YET AGAIN several of your board members have thrown
> up their hands in disgust and walked...
> Well.. congrats social justice warriors you have damned
> the man again.  Your dream of a hacker backed social utopia
> will finally begin to manifest themselves this time.  So
> long as you keep fighting for the same shit over and over
> destroying community after community.  Eventually your
> commitement to your own closed minded infantile ideas
> will certainly pay off.  Keep the faith crazies.  That
> inferno licking at your feet will never consume your
> Dreams.  Hey look I can see the homeless guy in the dj
> booth magically giving up heroin, learning to code, and
> accepting homeopathy and healing crystals as true science.
> You've saved noisebridge from salvation once again.
> And if the community built by others is destroyed in pursuit
> of your dream.  So be it.  We can liter the road with a
> thousand corpses until your dream of a utopia is forced
> down the throat of everyone.  I mean they must all
> eventually accept you are right.  I mean you are granted
> divine outlook on life by that one time at burning man
> you <insert something retarded here> while high on
> <insert some drug here>.
> In short, fucking hell people.  You need to change.  Your
> community is fucking flat lining.  And the knife you are
> holding in your hand, well maybe you should stop stabbing
> everyone who tries to save it in the back.
> This is like bike shedding with a group of sociopaths who
> will kill to ensure the bike shed is a 'safe space' for
> <insert insane social belief stupidity here> while another
> person is willing to kill to ensure they can paint on
> the walls.  And two other people are just stabbing anyone
> who goes near the build site because they are squatting
> there and don't want to see a bike shed built that would
> force them to move on.
> Hell maybe that was too literal.  Maybe I am being harsh in
> my judgement.
> Then again, maybe you assholes don't deserve kind words.
> Maybe you don't deserve having my friends who are good
> people helping you, while you do your level best to hurt
> them.
> Maybe... deep down inside... you are all everything you
> despise in others.
> You toxic, broken, assholes.
> Feel free to prove me wrong.  But I'll be toasting
> marshmallows from the outside while you all burn together
> preventing anyone from saving you.
> -openfly
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