[Noisebridge-discuss] Google Glass at the space?

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I think when the sony walkman first popularized portable headphones, it had
a similar stigma associated with it.  The first few sony walkman models
were quite expensive so only a few people had them.  It was very rare to
see people walking around with headphones so people were naturally against
them initially.  Of course nobody blinks an eye when one sees someone
wearing ipod earbuds these days.

On Tue, Apr 15, 2014 at 11:51 AM, Jenny Ryan <tunabananas at gmail.com> wrote:

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> I really appreciate this thoughtful discussion. Someone at sudo room
> also brought up the prospect of banning Glass last week, largely
> inspired by the following tweet:
> "Someone wearing (what looks like) Google glass feels comfortable at
> @sudoroom, and suddenly i don't. @TPSBayArea"
> ...indicating this is also a matter of folks feeling safe at the space,
> a high priority for sudo.
> +1 to rachel's point on how legitimizing recording as "well, if you
> have nothing to hide" is fucked up and prioritizes those who are
> privileged enough to not be a target of the state. A class or a
> workshop on Glass and its capabilities would be awesome, though, and
> would probably serve to reduce the misconceptions and social stigma
> surrounding these devices. It's so new that social norms haven't been
> established around it yet. I personally feel uncomfortable talking with
> someone wearing Glass, but that's largely because it's a) alien,
> foreign, new, and b) I can't be sure they're paying attention to me.
> However, I also feel uncomfortable asking folks to remove their Glass
> when in conversation with me, because so many Glass-wearers get
> defensive - assuming I'm being prejudiced against them for wearing
> Glass. This is an understandable reaction given the strong movement
> against Glass, including violence and assault.
> However, unlike using smartphones in social interactions or reading
> books at the dinner table, you can't tell what a person is looking at
> when they're wearing Glass. I hope to encourage the norm of removing
> Glass when engaging in conversation with someone, so I don't have to
> ask - but it will probably take regularly asking to create that norm :)
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