[Noisebridge-discuss] Techno-Activism Third Mondays, April 21 -- Deterministic Builds, and Apres Heartbleed

Danny O'Brien danny at eff.org
Fri Apr 18 01:06:36 UTC 2014

Hey everyone, it's time for another Techno-Activism Third Monday!

This one promises, like pretty much everything in our part of the woods,
to be simultaneously depressing and hopeful. We'll be picking apart the
response to Heartbleed from some of the people most involved with its
analysis and mitigation, and Seth Schoen, EFF Senior Staff Technologist
and Philosopher King, will be demoing sneakiness and counter-sneakiness
in the search for reliable, secure software builds.

Plus all your favorite people who you only meet once a month.


Techno Activism Third Mondays -- April
April 21, 2014 - 6:00pm

EFF HQ, 815 Eddy St, San Francisco

This month's topics: Deterministic builds (and previously undetermined SSL bugs)

This week, we'll be joined by Seth Schoen, who'll demonstrate some of the challenges of protecting even open source from malicious insertions, and how we might be able to make stronger guarantees about the provenance of your computer's code.

After that, a Q&A and discussion with some of the folks who've been co-ordinating the response against Heartbleed, including what went wrong (a lot), and what should we fix first?

Join us for snacks, networking, and activist tech talk.

Time: 6:00pm

Location: EFF offices, 815 Eddy Street, San Francisco (we'll wait at the front door until 6:15; after that, ring ext. 118)

International Director, EFF | +1 415 436 9333 x150 | 815 Eddy Street, SF, CA 94109

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