[Noisebridge-discuss] HayHackers in the East Bay

Carl carl at icarp.info
Fri Apr 18 01:24:53 UTC 2014

Hi people of Noisebridge,

I'd like to tell you about a new hackerspace that I'm helping to form in the East Bay.  It's called HayHackers, and it'll be located in Hayward.  Why Hayward you may ask?  Well because there aren't any in the area.  The closest hackerspaces are in Oakland, Mountain View, and Livermore, but nothing really covering the Hayward, San Leandro, Union City, Newark, Fremont, Castro Valley, and Dublin area.  We're right in the center of this area.  There's also Cal State East Bay, Chabot and Ohlone community colleges.  We'd like it to be downtown near BART so you can come visit us too!

Being located in a more suburban community, we'd also like to make this a more family-friendly community space.  It'll have a section for adults and one for children/families.  It'll be a collaborative workspace where people come together, share and learn, use tools such as laser printers and 3D printers, earn about technology, science, computer programming, and work on building their inventions.

Hayward could also REALLY use a general-purpose community space as well.  There's nothing like it here!

So what do we need from you, Noisebridgers, who are in SF and not as likely to come out this way?  Well we know you have a vast network of friends.  I bet a number of them are in the East Bay!  We'd love it if you could reach out and let them know about us!

Also, as we're just starting our outreach and marketing, we will be launching our big fundraising campaign in mid-May!  We could use your help and donations to lift us off the ground!

We'll be tabling at the Maker Faire on May 17 & 18th, come visit our table!

Please visit our website, watch our 1-minute video, and sign up for our newsletter!


If you happen to be in the Hayward area, we'll be holding a Meetup at Eko coffee in downtown Hayward, within walking distance from Hayward BART, next Thursday 4/24.  Please signup on our meetup page here:


Also like our Facebook page and follow our Twitter feed if you'd like.

Let me know if you'd like to help in any way!  We still need to produce our video for the crowdfunding campaign.  A few of us will be visiting Noisebridge this coming Monday for circuit hacking.  Come and say hi!


Carl G. 
(fellow Noisebridger)

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