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Andy Isaacson <adi at hexapodia.org> wrote:
There's been a lot more spam lately hitting the filter queue, so maybe
your message got lost in the churn?  

J: if NB announcements are getting lost in the churn, does that suggest the need for a new method for handling announcements? I suggest "subscribers only". Why should spammers be allowed to post to nb-announce?

A: The only thing waiting right now
is a message from you titled "Video volunteers sought" which doesn't
make very much sense as a -announce subject AFAICS.

J: So you're rejecting "volunteers sought for noisebridge event"? You're saying that kind of announcement is not appropriate for nb-announce? Ok. Is that a consensus policy, or Andy's policy? Is this policy documented someplace?

A: The announce subject should give a quick idea about what the event is
about, and the body should include info about the event...

J: does the message below qualify? I posted it yesterday and still has not been released. You said you don't see it, but I see it in my sent folder. (Apologies if I sent twice). 

Please let me know how I can improve my announcement. Thx.

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Subject: NoiseHack Lineup
From: Johny Radio <johnyradio at gmail.com>
To: dorkbotsf-blabber at dorkbot.org,noisebridge-announce at lists.noisebridge.net

2nd Annual NoiseHack
Saturday April 19, 2014, 12 pm,
Noisebridge, 2169 Mission St, San Francisco 

A day of building and programming noise and music producing things. Learn to build or code an organic, acoustic, electro-acoustic, electronic, or software noise device. Beginners welcomed. 

Off-Keynote Speaker at 12 noon sharp, by Stanley Lunetta, inventor of Lunetta synthesizers.

STANLEY LUNETTA, pictured above, inventor in the 1970's of the logic-based Lunetta Synthesizer, is giving our off-keynote address! We are very honored to host this electronic music LEGEND at Noisebridge! Stanley is an artist, pit drummer, stick sculptor, painter, sound sculptor, mask maker, tree sculptor..... the list goes on. Wow! What a treat! Stanley will demo his Suitcase Sound Gun and some sound sculptures.

Learn to visually program a software synthesizer, and then use Darwinian Evolution to evolve utterly original and undreamed of sounds. Bring your PC or Macintosh and, if you have one, a MIDI controller.

DRUMPANTS: Connect a sensor mounted on your body to Drumpants Javascript SDK, using the WebAudio API.$5 to $10 for parts. 

BUILD a bizarre sound-creation contraption. /Edgetone Records/ recording-artist Tom Nunn will guide you. In the grand tradition of Harry Partch, Tom is creator of the "Octatonic T-Rodimba" and other, other, other-worldly instruments. $5 parts. 

MARTINO DA VIDEO: Want to learn to BEND an innocent music toy, until it produces mutant sounds, unlike anything the original designers intended? Martino da Video will lead you down the dark and mysterious path of circuit bending. Bring an electronic music toy you want to bend to your will.

JOHNY RADIO: Want to SOLDER up an electronic tone-generator circuit? Johny Radio will show you how to build a Lunetta-type oscillator, based on the Schmitt Trigger. Noisebridge will provide tools. Bring $5 for parts.

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