[Noisebridge-discuss] NoiseHack Photos

Johny Radio johnyradio at gmail.com
Sun Apr 20 21:32:32 UTC 2014

     "I was sitting at the bar having a beer with John Cage, while 
Stockhausen was performing...."
     --Stanley Lunetta at Noisebridge

The Noise Hack brought about 40 people to Noisebridge yesterday. Many 
said it was their first visit to NB. Several inquired about becoming 
Noisebridge Members.

We had three all-day hands-on workshops. People built NoiseJars, 
Skatchplates, and genetic synthesis algorithms. Grant worked on his 
Bassic 2x4 plank bass guitar.

Karsten Lemm from the German magazine STERN came to cover the event (for 
a different publication).

Fumi Yamazaki built a Noise Jar, and blogged about it:

Video of Stanley Lunetta demo'ing his Sound Gun:

Video of Fumi's NoiseJar demo:

Yumi's photo gallery of the NoiseHack:

Many thanks to volunteers Jade, Amber, Kevin, Peter, and Rayce, you guys 
rock! Thanks to Elmo, who mopped most of Noisebridge and tidied up the 
electronic bench. Thanks Ron Cotoni for funding pizza.

-Johny Radio

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