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	I have a couple questions.  I’ve worked PC a lot.  Mostly around
work, though, so I don’t know the innards a CPU. The programing I
know is very basic, meaning that I understand simple coding.  Recently
I bought a Lenovo ThinkPad T1 from Goodwill. I want it simple.  It
doesn’t work for me if I have a computer gal or guy to help me again
and again. 

	The questions: 

	1) The pop-ups on the Internet. How can I rid of pop-ups?  2) I’ve
a FreeYouTube downloader installed.  It’s ok.  I like to visit
several websites and download them to my PC.  When I see the YouTube
video I immediately erase it in the “Recycle Bin”. That ok,
isn’t it? To be back to the origin question, when I download from
vimeo or UbuWeb or Comedy Central my YouTube downloader refuses me, of
course. I’d seen there’s other websites that have products more
than YouTube.  But I ask here to see if there is something I’m
missing or a simple way to the problem. Thxs
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