[Noisebridge-discuss] Clean up day this Saturday - electrical infrastructure - important!

Casey Callendrello c1 at caseyc.net
Sun Apr 27 02:35:59 UTC 2014

A HUGE thanks to Deja (sp?), Sid, Adrian, Naomi, Kevin, and everyone
else who pitched in for this. We documented our failings and fixed a
huge number of glaring issues.


Work remains. The board has scheduled a walk-through with an electrician
for this Thursday evening.


Great question! If you find yourself with a few spare moments, the best
thing you can do is clean up any kind of daisy-chained extension cords
or power strips. It is the nature of these things to be highly entropic,
and we can't have that be permanent. We should avoid:

1) Running extension cords across "hallways" or other traffic zones
2) Plugging power strips in to other power strips
3) Plugging extension cords in to power strips


On 4/15/14, 8:17 PM, Casey Callendrello wrote:
> Hi there.
> It is (legally) imperative that we improve our electrical infrastructure
> in the next few months (check the meeting notes for details). Part of
> this includes tying down a few loose ends (uncovered junction boxes,
> daisy-chained extension cords, and a missing breaker panel lid. All in
> all, we're doing okay, but it's *very* important that this stuff is
> cleaned up.
> This Saturday!
> Noon!
> is is hereby declared as an electrical clean-up day.
> There will be pizza and punch for participants.
> Come one! Come all! Wire some stuff and keep Noisebridge from getting
> shut down by the city! It'll be fun!
> --Casey
> p.s. if anyone knows a c-10 certified electrician, speak up.
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