[Noisebridge-discuss] zillions of new "users"

Johny Radio johnyradio at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 15:51:14 UTC 2014

Mitch Altman <maltman23 at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>Some asshole script kiddy created zillions of new user accounts

J: Seems like a fun challenge for a hackerspace admin. I'm rather surprised nobody has solved it. Off the top of my head, I see 3 fixes:
    -Standard "require admin approval", but that forces the admin to wade thru the spam, so no good. 
    -Only let Members register new users, or require new sign-ups include a secret code provided by a Member. 
    -Only allow sign-ups from the Noisebridge IP. That requires people to go to NB to register, and why is that bad? 

That's just off the top if my head, gotta be more strategies. 

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