[Noisebridge-discuss] Noisebridge as "facility"

Johny Radio johnyradio at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 00:14:31 UTC 2014

hep <dis at gruntle.org> wrote:
>>people simply use and discard the resources which are maintained by a select few who then become burned out and usually move on to other non-dysfunctional spaces. 

J: Good description of the problem. Glad you acknowledge the POSSIBILITY of a non-dysfunctional space. 

>>we would have "assigned" responsibilities for a "few" 

J: Who suggested that? Not me. 

>>which sounds a lot more oppressive than voluntarily taken on responsibilities by those who self-selected for it.

J: True, some people consider the requirement and expectation that they clean up their own messes to be "oppressive". I think NB can do without such people. 

>>What happens when someone gets tired of maintaining a system 

J: if all members are required to do volunteer hours (as in many coops), there's no shortage of help. There won't be burnout, because if everyone does a little time, then no one will have to do a LOT of time. I expect it will be  like 2 hours per 3 months, which is not a lot to ask. 

>>that is constantly disrupted by users 

J: If someone has been trained on proper use of the space, and they just volunteered 2 hours cleaning and organizing, they are less likely to BE a disrupter. The knowledge that they will be stuck cleaning up messes later IS their vested interest.   

>>Will this give more fake authority over the various parts of NB?  

J: What is "fake" authority?

>>Who is going to track whether those assigned to responsibilities are upkeeping them? 

J: Either the Volunteering WG or the Membership WG. 

>>What motivation will people have to do these assigned responsibilities

J: Failure to do your hours can lead eventually to losing your standing or membership or access to the space. Same as if you stop paying dues. 

>>will there be some sort of benefit towards taking on responsibilities that isn't given to those who do not have any? 

J: There won't BE anybody who doesn't have any responsibilities, except maybe people who give money instead. Ie, volunteering is one way to grant membership to low/no income people like me. 

>>what is the bar for either way that decision goes (ie number of posts on the mailing list supporting one vision or another? vote at a meeting? .

J: Working Groups will be empowered to make decisions pertaining to specific areas. 

A few weeks ago, Mitch Altman and about 10 noisebridgers gathered to lay out the general structure and process for Working Groups. I'll report back to Discuss on that meeting soon. 

>>what duties will be assigned, how will they be assigned

J: As I envision: each WG will communicate its volunteer needs to the Volunteering WG. The Volunteering WG will in turn post on the wiki available shifts in everything from sorting resistors to cleaning the bathroom. Then, members and users will sign up for whichever tasks interest them that fit their schedule. So there's choice. 


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