[Noisebridge-discuss] A C++ Class

Torrie Fischer tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Fri Dec 5 00:10:50 UTC 2014

Hei, folks [:

Sometime next year I'd like to teach others the wonders of C++. I feel that 
there aren't enough of us crazy people who can divine solutions out of 
template errors from compilers churning through gobs of template 
metaprogramming, massage autotools/cmake/scons/make/pkgconfig to produce viable 
binaries, or implement continuations/coroutines without blood pouring out of 
every orifice in the computer.

Before I get all gung ho and dive in to planning out some lessons, I'd like to 
know who would be interested in learning these arcane dark magicks of C++.

Actual things to cover:

* The obligatory "Hello, World!" in C++
* Debugging with GDB
* Why C++ is the way that it is
* Why the way that it is isn't all that awful
* The wonderful world of STL and Boost
* All the fancy things that C++11 and C++14 brought into the world
* Template metaprogamming
* How non-trivial C++ projects are built
* Writing some NodeJS modules in C++
* Embedded C++ on an AVR chip or similar
* How to not write C in your C++
* Stupid C++ Tricks and Hacks

Thoughts? Feedback? Suggestions where to seek professional counseling for 
thinking such an idea is rational?

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