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I have emailed Rayc
and will try to look into whats going on here

please note that although we all have good intentions, we all posses
different levels of skill and style of communication 
i would like this to be handled by people who have studied
communication and conflict resolution as a subject
again if you were in Ethical Social Engineering and are willing to
collaborate with me to solve this problem in a constructive manner
from a scientific standpoint, please contact me.

If you don't there is really nothing i can do of major impact all the
way here from NYC.

if no one from that group reaches out to me then their is nothing i
can really do about this issue.

psychological maturity is a process we will never achieve it by giving
up so easily and approaching problem solving from such a mood/croud
based un-scientific stand point
this is not a matter of justice, just interpersonal psychology and
communication skills

please don't give up on community members so fast, their failure to
learn is our failure to educate at teachers after all
lets try to not forget we are all learning here and not rush to such
rigid boundary creation and all or nothing mentalities

i am saying this to everyone including Rayc
we have lost enough people at Noisebridge because of our lack of
mastery over this communication skill-set 
we are not going to get any better by being so outcome oriented and
not respecting the process it takes to get there   

people are not tech, lets not bring our tech based hacking mentality
to human relations unless we are willing to educate ourselves in the
subjects that comprise human behavior 

people like Tom and Al were good people along with many others that
along the way burned out because it was doomed to fail from a design
standpoint when you understand the dynamics of psychology that were at
play along with their individual history.

These are all excellent people, at the very least if no one is going
to listen please take time to weigh excellence as a currency they have
accumulated over time instead of just their moments of un-excellence
which are magnified by the spotlight.

I would be truely sad if one day i came back to NB and the majority of
people i knew are been banned or stormed off because of this revolving
issues which is simply that noisebridge is not willing to educate
themselves on the subject of communication which is an entire science
in its own right. Unless we learn to be beginners again and let go of
our facade of adulthood and maturity we will never let real learning

please please please try to understand that none of this is easy, its
just no one is willing to put in the time to study, experiment, and
think before they act and make decisions which influence the lives of
others negatively which could of been avoided has they been just a bit
wiser and more enlightened in their approach. 

none of this is what any one should ever ask from another but if the
only rule in noisebridge is to be excellent to one another i think its
only right that we stop throwing an emotion filled inflated word
around and study its scientific basis, only then can this community
has a point of reference that a philosophy can grow from which is
grounded in reason 

all of the negativity in Noisebridge comes from out own lack of
understanding and lack of skill, i am not saying i amazing at this
skill but i work god damn hard to make sure that some day i will be
good enough to help instead of hurt others, this means having to study
and practice and experiment 
studying practicing and experiments is what hacking is about to me and
i apply this to everything
please don't give up on each other, no growth can be found in the
comfort zone, all of it lies i the un-comfort zone 
banning people left and right and putting up walls every time
something makes us un-comfortable only ensures that an illusion of
safety which is actually ignorance is promoted inside the community
and will become a habit and then an addiction that this community will
not be able to break 

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