[Noisebridge-discuss] Looking for hackspace and partners for education project

Maer Ben-Yisrael maer at presidiohill.org
Wed Dec 10 05:56:26 UTC 2014

Hello Mitch,

Thank you for the reply. I'm glad that there's some interest in your
community. Perhaps one or the both of us could meet you (and anyone else
that's interested in helping) at the space next week to check it out and
have a chat?

(I type this knowing I may have sick children next week that preclude me
from leaving home, but hopefully not)

Thanks for getting back to us!


 On Dec 9, 2014 4:36 PM, "Mitch Altman" <maltman23 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hello, Maer,
> Thanks for writing.  Your school sounds way wonderful.  The event you
> outlined is a fantastic way to learn.
> I think it would be great for your students to make use of Noisebridge to
> make their projects.
> I'm not a 3D printer person, or I'd volunteer to help.  I've cc-ed the
> "Fab" email list, since that is our email list for 3D Printing.
> In any case, the after school Maker Club should feel welcome to make use
> of Noisebridge.  We have all sorts of tools, people to help learn how to
> use them safely, and plenty of materials and resources for hacking
> projects.  Would you like to invite a group by for a visit?
> I'll be back home (from Singapore) in a couple of days.  I'm happy to get
> together when I'm back.
> Best,
> Mitch.
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> From: maer at presidiohill.org
> Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2014 12:46:38 -0800
> To: Noisebridge-discuss at lists.noisebridge.net; elizabethg at presidiohill.org
> Subject: [Noisebridge-discuss] Looking for hackspace and partners for
> education project
> Hello Noisebridge,
>   I am an educator at Presidio Hill School, a progressive school here in
> the city. I am seeking a space and partners from your collective to
> participate in an interesting educational project we are planning for
> February. This is in the idea/planning stage, and open to your thoughts and
> guidance:
> A group of approximately 12 students in grades 6-8 (ages 11-13) will be
> given a design challenge which they will complete over three full school
> days February 4-6 (Wednesday-Friday). This is a special project time called
> Challenge Week, no other classes meet for three days.
> Day 1: Investigate & brainstorm
> Day 2: Design, prototype, CAD
> Day 3: Finalize object, present, and reflect.
> Students will be given a challenge (likely locally-themed, perhaps
> environmental, something authentic that they would care about and have
> useful input towards). On the first day, they would investigate the problem
> and brainstorm solutions. Next day they would design and prototype
> something that represents their solution with physical materials, then
> transfer their designs to TinkerCAD. On Day 3, we envision bringing them to
> NoiseBridge, have them 3D print their objects, then create presentations
> about their challenge and solutions to present to the rest of the school.
> The final part of the last day is reserved for reflection on the entire
> process.
> So our request/proposal to you is to recruit members to aide with the 3D
> Printing (and TinkerCAD in Day 2 if you want too, we would do that here at
> school), and then to use your space on Day 3 and show the students how to
> send their STLs to the printers, and then plan their presentations.
> (Frankly if someone were interested in participating in the entire project,
> we would be down for that, too.)
> If any of this sounds interesting to you, we would love to have your help
> and use your space. We have a small budget and would pay for the printing
> materials as well as make a donation to your organization.
> On a broader note, we are also looking to make connections for our
> afterschool Maker Club which is beginning next year as well.
> Please let us know what you think:
> Maer Ben-Yisrael - Technology Director, Maker-in-residence
> Elizabeth Goode - Librarian, Maker-in-residence
> Presidio Hill School
> http://www.presidiohill.org
> 415.213.8605 (Maer - direct)
> 415.751.9318 x105
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