[Noisebridge-discuss] Rayce Topic

Torrie Fischer tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Sun Dec 21 04:34:20 UTC 2014

On Saturday, December 20, 2014 07:06:32 PM ai_n0_hat at hushmail.com wrote:
> I  care about him and i think if their are people who do as well that
> we  sit down and work with him instead of against him even though it
> will  not we an easy task.

Thats precisely what had happened though. Many of us sat down with RAYC and 
tried to have a conversation about the situation. At nearly every attempt, we 
were met with the conversation quickly turning back into obsessive thoughts 
about access control and some sort of classist war between those with keys and 
those without keys though the same perceived cabal of elitist Noisebridgers is 
the same cabal of folks who doocratically canceled our last excursion into 

I spent one night at Noisebridge walking around in the mission with RAYC 'till 
about 2am because I felt that sort of effort would be worth investing into the 
relationships between RAYC, myself, and noisebridge. At the end he was yelling 
at me in the streets and refusing my attempts to establish some kernel of 
shared understanding.

RAYC is a cool friend but not everyone at Noisebridge thinks so, and it 
shouldn't be allowed for people who do belong at noisebridge to be pushed away 
by people who don't belong at noisebridge. Lots of folks spent all the energy 
and love the could muster to resolve this without having to collectively throw 
up our hands and exclaim that we're out of the spoons needed to deal with it.

> Community takes  work, i am willing to work with others on this issue
> from a  constructive standpoint, i hope other people are too.

Okay, thats great. It'd be most Excellent to do that! Everyone else is out of 
energy and really just can't handle RAYC at the space, and this was the second 
time. If RAYC comes back, I'll just walk out of the space because I want to 
hack and not figure out social justice. An effort was shared between Naomi, 
Scotty, Kevin, Patrick, Joshua, Mohammad, myself, and many others who do want 
RAYC at the space but we couldn't supply enough bandwidth to make that happen, 
so we're just kinda done with it.

Something to note is that the world is not Noisebridge, nor is Noisebridge the 
world. I like to think many of us are capable of continuing friendship with 
RAYC outside of Noisebridge just as he is himself. This isn't totally the end 
of the world, nor was this a shadowy behind closed doors decision. Nobody 
wanted to really lawyer it out at a Tuesday meeting because dragging dirty 
laundry to a Tuesday meeting just makes everyone sad, though I do understand 
how unusual it is for an anarchist hacker collective to ignore the "rules".

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