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Cheer! Love this post. Hope to see much creativity & hacking and thanks to people who keep noise bridge a place for creativity & hacking! 


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>> Hello,
>> My name is Trevor and i was just wondering if I can learn how to 
>> computer program at the collaborative coding classes on mondays, 
>> tuesdays, and thursdays? I'm almost a complete beginner, the only coding 
>> i did was copy some pre-written codes into java script for an 
>> electronics class. If you guys could let me know that would be fantastic!!!
>> Thanks
> I myself can think of several options off the top of my head just to get
> you started besdies writing on this list, all IMHO
> - Tue there are the scheduled Collaborative Coding session going up to
> 7pm and the Weekly Meeting afterwards. If you ask people hanging around
> noisebridge during either of these two events, you'll likely get some
> excellent feedback here, including online resources you'd probably want
> to check out.
> - Wed evenings from 7pm-9pm are the Intro to Python classes (there is a
> PyClass Wikipage https://noisebridge.net/wiki/PyClass for some general
> descrption). If you approach the instructor or other people hanging out
> for this, you'll likely and similarly find some excellent
> feedback&direction here.
> - Thu evenings there are the scheduled Collaborative Coding session
> going until 8pm and Jeffrey Carl Faden's Front-end Web Development lab
> starting just afterwards. Although the current material in the F.W.D.
> lab is more advanced than complete beginner stage, it still wouldn't
> hurt to briefly ask Jeffrey or others hanging around noisebridge to get
> some good beginner coding advice, especially if you're already hanging
> out at the CC session 1st. I see that Jeffrey and excellent others
> frequently jump onto the discussion of this mailing list to give their
> own two cents worth, so I'd definitely lookout for and listen to their
> suggestions as well.
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