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Mitch Altman maltman23 at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 13 20:46:38 UTC 2014

Does anyone work for a startup and live in SF?  Dawn Kawamoto is a journalist doing a story on how you afford this.  She has a deadline today.  If you want to be interviewed, please contact Dawn directly.  
(Please see her email below.)

From: dawn.kawamoto at dice.com
To: press at noisebridge.net
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2014 14:36:23 -0600
Subject: Journalist on deadline for today

Hello, I’m working on a story about people who work for San Francisco-based startups and how do they handle the high cost of living in the city. Do you have any members from your Noisebridge community  who may be available to do an interview by phone or email today? Some of the questions I have include: -Do they have to commute from more affordable places to live like Discovery Bay or Antioch to come to the city to work? What is that like and why do they do it? Is the high cost of rents in San Francisco the main reason? -Do they share a studio apartment in San Francisco with three other people to cut costs? -Do they survive on Top Ramen or Mac-n-cheese to cut costs, etc? Hopefully you can refer me to one of the Noisebridge members. Take care, Dawn  Dawn KawamotoDice Associate Editor Dice News594 Howard St., Suite 300San Francisco, CA 94105(415) 992-7263 tel.(510) 725-1392 cel.dawn.kawamoto at dice.comwww.dice.com  		 	   		  
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