[Noisebridge-discuss] Morning Report

Paul Monad immonad at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 16 17:53:04 UTC 2014

7 am 

That is 3 out of 7 sleeping. 

1.  church:  Paul big blond guy lights   

2.  Turing:  Jon______ lights out  

3.  by 3D printing stuff:  __Hat. 


4.  darkroom:  (?)  Martin - lights out but when I tried the door(locked)  the red light was turned on.  When he came out 1/2 hour later the room had a really strong smell.
5.  Gregory -  usually comes in around 6:30 am
6.  Will - on phone
7.  small thin guy don't know his name - have seen him clean up after other people

Usually the same people staying overnight continuously for long periods of time.  Hope they come to the Tuesday meeting and use the introduction to inform us they are doing this and their work which necessitatethis practice.
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